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The Mississippi River School Open Seminar will run March - November 2019, with Field Campuses in St. Louis (8-10 March) and New Orleans (1-3 September). Bi-monthly open seminar video calls will have three threads: 1) We will discuss work done at the HKW field stations along the Mississippi River. 2) We will discuss diverse tactics -- community mapping, for example -- that draw people into collaborative explorations of “anthropocenics.” 3): We will discuss analytic themes and strategies for drawing out and archiving “quotidian anthropocenes” in different places, oriented by a shared analytic framework.  The work contributes to the Quotidian Anthropocene project, designed to link people around the world working to address the Anthropocene in both local and global ways.  

Bi-monthly open seminar video calls will be scheduled on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month 4:00-5:00 pm Central. Call agendas, supporting material and recordings will be recorded and archived here.

About the Quotitidan Anthropocene Project

The Quotidian Anthropocene project explores how the Anthropocene is playing out on the ground in different settings. The aim is to create both...Read more


Click on links to access digital archives for each session.

February 28 - Launching the River School (Agenda)

March 27 - St. Louis and Beyond

April 10 - Floods, Rivers and Quotidian Anthropocenes (Agenda)

April 24 - Quotidian Anthropocenes: The Exhibit

May 8 - Civic Data Infrastructures and Quotidian Anthropocenes with Tim Schütz and Kim Fortun

May 22 - Land Use and Quotidian Anthropocenes with Danica Loucks 

June 26 - Energy, Transition, and Quotidian Anthropocenes with James Adams

July 17 - New Orleans Anthropocene with Scott Knowles, Denise Frazier, Fallon Naidoo, Andy Horowitz, Christopher Oliver and Ashley Rogers

July 31 - Urban Climate Adaptation and Anthropocenics with Ali Kenner, Sarah Stalcup and Tarita Roy Choudhury

August 14 - New Orleans Field Campus

August 28 - Toxic Labor on the Anthropocene River with Jason Ludwig, Jared Richardson, Tony West, Tim Schuetz, Scott Gabriel Knowles, and Kim Fortun

September 1-5 NOLA Field Campus

September 25 - TBD

October 9 - Managing the Anthropocene: Air, Water, and Waste with Kim Fortun, Scott Gabriel Knowles, and Amanda Phillips de Lucas

October 23 - Dead, Dangerous, and Abandoned Zones with Buhm Soon Park and Scott Gabriel Knowles

November 6 - Global River Anthropocenes with TBD