Lubrizol Memo, Rouen/France

While reading online news article about the fire at the Lubrizol production site, Rouen/France, I found it very curious, that on the one hand, there are some a handful accounts describing the incident, the, on the other hand, many articles repeat the very same information. Additionally, I had the impression, that they do state what happened, or at least what might have happened, but not the so much the consequences, i.e.: what > how > why; ‘there chemical might have been exposed.’ But what does it mean, what do those chemical do when released and interact with other biological systems, with humans, eco-cycle, animals, etc.? Of course, this may be very well intentional use of knowledge and ignorance to influence people, markets and politics.

I am happy to actually find informative articles, but this raises the question on collaborative work with a) affected people, experiencing effects directly themselves, and b) chemists, biologists or similar professionals with theoretical frameworks. Apparently, people are always biased, so attributing adverse effects to this specific incident is difficult, as well as lobby interests muddying the water, or even understanding how different compound react in reality than individually, and on paper (see complex systems).


Vera Herden


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