Historical Disadvantage


A concept linking the transnational marginalization of communities through compounding political, economic, and chemical toxicities

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Redlining in Portland Neighborhoods

Black communities experience more extreme heat events in cities due to redlining--systemic denial of services --in Portland and elsewhere in the US. The visual is from The Grist list of resources for understanding the effect of redlining on how Black communities experience heat.

Neighborhood Pride Mural, Los Angeles

The Social and Public Art Resource Center since 1976 preserving and documenting public space for and of marginalized Los Angeles communities. Their Digital Mural Lab is a leading community-based research center for public digital art productions. The visual is a photograph by Joey Zanotti, of a mural that shows how white people used police brutality to racially segregate Los Angeles

LA Freeways

Construction of freeways, including much of state-sanctioned public infrastructure in South California, is rooted in racism. Freeways destroyed unsegregated and Black neighborhoods just so white and affluent people could commute between city centers and burgeoning suburbs of Los Angeles and Portland, for example. 


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September 21, 2020

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