Environmental Injustice Case Study Industrial Park, Frankfurt Hoechst July 2021

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July 11, 2021 - 11:53am

Critical Commentary

This case study report was developed by students at the Goethe University Frankfurt, for the graduate class, “Archiving for the Anthropocene,” taught by Tim Schütz. The case study framework was adapted from the course “Environmental Injustice”, taught by Prof. Kim Fortun, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Irvine.


Troitzsch, Annika, Storz, Johanna and Laub, Vera. 2020. Fast Disaster Case Study: Industrial Park Hoechst, Archiving for the Anthropocene, Disaster STS Research Network.

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Annika Troitzsch, Johanna Storz and Vera Laub, "Environmental Injustice Case Study Industrial Park, Frankfurt Hoechst July 2021", contributed by Annika Troitzsch , Johanna Storz and Vera Herden, Disaster STS Network, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 12 July 2021, accessed 13 August 2022. http://www.disaster-sts-network.org/content/environmental-injustice-case-study-industrial-park-frankfurt-hoechst-july-2021