Austin Anthropocene Field Campus

In Austin, Texas March 24-27, 2020 | Collaboration runs February 24 - May 4

Space is limited | Rolling admissions through February 13

The Quotidian Anthropocene (QA)  project explores the dynamics and challenges of the Anthropocene in different places -- and the kinds of collaborative knowledge production needed to address these.  A key goal is to develop deeply interdisciplinary, comparative perspective on environmental problems and solutions, enabling learning across sites. Austin, Texas is an especially interesting site of the Anthropocene because of concerted effort to fully transition the city's electric grid to renewable energy.  The QA Austin project focuses on the players and processes of Austin's energy transition, striving to understand cultural and social as well as a technical and economic dimensions.  The QA Field Campus in Austin March 24-27, 2020 will bring local and visiting participants into dialogue with local actors.  Together, we will develop ways to think about and teach the Austin Anthropocene case, contributing to a freely accessible archive of materials that can be used in classrooms and for community learning.  We will also extend our ongoing work to build a DIY Guide to QA Field Campuses. 

Participants will work in small “Field Teams” to produce teaching materials that reflect what they learn in the field campus. There will be Field Teams focus on 1) energy transition rhetoric, 2) civic data infrastructure needed to plan and sustain energy transition, 3) environmental in/justice and land use in energy transition.

Participants in the Austin QA Field Campus will begin virtual collaboration on February 24, 2020, joining small working groups to produce different kinds of teaching material.  The Field Campus in Austin will begin the afternoon of Tuesday, March 24, continuing through Friday, March 27. Virtual collaboration will continue through the beginning of May so that the QA Austin teaching materials we develop can be published online in time to be integrated into Fall 2020 courses and programming.

Austin Anthropocene Schedule

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TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 5PM: Orientation: Environmental Justice and Renewable Energy in Austin

Participants should arrive in downtown Austin by 5pm on Tuesday evening. For our first event, we will meet with a diverse mix of Austin community...Read more

Energy Transition Scales and Systems Questions

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Quotidian Anthropocenes, Shared Questions

The Open Seminar will direct collaborative attention to the many scales and types of systems that interlace and synergize to produce anthropocenics on the ground in particular locales and vernanculars. These questions will guide our engagements.


Collaboration Ethics

This project contributes to and runs in the spirit of a creative commons, expansively conceived. It is designed to create public...Read more

QA Austin Collaboration Agreement

In applying to participate in this project, I recognize that 1) the project will require approximately three hours a week in the weeks before and after meeting in Austin (February 24-May 4); 2) I'll need to register and be ready to work on the...Read more

Project Governance

Anthropologist James Adams directs the QA Austin project, extending from his ...Read more

Media Relays

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This project extends the work of the Quotidian Anthropocene project. Throughout 2019, the QA project worked in collaboration with Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin on their Anthropocene Curriculum, focusing on the Mississippi: An Anthropocene River project. The latter included a St. Louis Field Campus and a New Orleans Field Campus. The QA Austin Field Campus will extend the theory and practice of field campuses as a collaborative method especially appropriate for the Anthropocene. Like prior Anthropocene Field Campuses, our work in Austin will experiment with archiving for the Anthropocene, building public knowledge resources linking diverse sites.

About the Quotitidan Anthropocene Project

The Quotidian Anthropocene project explores how the Anthropocene is playing out on the ground in different settings. The aim is to create both...Read more

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